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Faculty of Humanities
ew books published include
Criminal Justice Social Work: A South African
Practice Framework
(Leon Holtzhausen (ed.)),
Plague, Pox and Pandemics: A
Jacana Pocket History of Epidemics in South Africa
(Howard Phillips),
Against the
Current: A Biography of Harold Cressy 1889–1916
(Mohamed Adhikari),
African Cinema 1896–2010
(Martin Botha),
Static: Race Representation in Post-
apartheid Music
(Adam Haupt),
Geistliche Vokalpolyphonie und Frühhmanismus
in England: Kulturtransfer im 15. Jahrhundert am Beispiel des Komponisten John
(Rebekka Sandmeier),
Wild Religion: Tracking the Sacred in South Afric
(David Chidester),
Sufi Narratives of Intimacy: Ibn ‘Arabi, Gender, and Sexuality
(Sa’diyya Shaik),
Post-Apartheid Dance
(Sharon Friedman (ed.),
(Imraan Coovadia),
Oral History, Community and Displacement
(Sean Field),
The Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys
(David Benatar),
The Idea
of the ANC
(Anthony Butler),
Up in Arms: Pursuing Accountability for the Arms Deal
in Parliament
(Raenette Taljaard),
Biko: A Biography
(Xolela Mangcu),
Realising the
Dream: Unlearning the Logic of Race in the South African School
(Crain Soudien),
Haai Karoo
(Etienne van Heerden), and
The Iliad of Homer: A Southern African
(Richard Whitaker).
Solo exhibitions by colleagues in the Michaelis School of Fine Art and the Centre for Film
and Media Studies include
Surveys (From the Cape of Good Hope)
by Jane Alexander,
R-A-T: an associative ordering
by Fritha Langerman,
Division of the World
by Pippa Skotnes,
This is a True Story
by Penny Siopis,
Community Punching Bags
by Johann van der Schijff,
Remnants & Ancestors: Anarchives of Krotoa and Anne Barnard
by Carine Zaayman, and
The Kings Map: Francois Le Vaillant in Southern Africa 1781–1784
by Ian Glenn.
The department in the faculty that produced the greatest number of peer-reviewed,
accredited journal articles in 2012 is the newly formed School of African and Gender
Studies, Anthropology, and Linguistics (AXL) within which are located two of the faculty’s
four DST/NRF SARChI Chairs, and, more recently, two Mellon research chairs. Last
year was the first in the existence of AXL and the very high level of publication and
postgraduate supervision, as well as the concentration of research chairs in this new
school, is evidence of a high-quality critical mass of very productive scholars. AXL is
followed by the School of Languages and Literatures, Sociology, Psychology, Education,
and the Department of English Language and Literature. The faculty now has 69 NRF-
rated researchers (up by 10 since 2011), of whom 25 are B-rated and five are A-rated:
professors David Chidester (Religious Studies), Rajend Mesthrie (Linguistics), and Mark
Solms (Psychology), Distinguished Professor Philippe-Joseph Salazar (Rhetoric Studies)
and Emeritus Professor John de Gruchy (Religious Studies).
Faculty of
Members of the faculty continue to contribute to outstanding
scholarship in the arts, social sciences, and creative and
performing arts, and this research report provides rich evidence
of the wide spectrum of research and creative activity produced
in the faculty, in the form of journal articles, books and book
chapters, conference papers, compositions, exhibitions, and
Dean’s Report
Dean of Humanities